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At Sonoma - Marin Construction, we take concrete foundation projects seriously. Whether the project requires new construction, an addition to an existing structure or restoring a vintage home foundation, our company provides unparalled versatility. We offer conventional foundation installation, micro piles and resistant pier systems. At Sonoma Marin Construction, whether our teams are building foundations for one hundred homes or your home, from conceptualization to the finished product we will handle your construction needs as your home deserves.

Foundation in Sonoma

Foundation in Sonoma
Foundation in Sonoma


Forms are set and final preparation is being completed so concrete can be poured.  Concrete piers and concrete footings have already been completed with only the grade beams and retaining walls required to have concrete placed and finished
This slab foundation was completed for a new house being built in Sonoma.  Once we poured the foundation the house was built which was place perfectly to enjoy the great views of Sonoma.
This is a completed foundation for a new addition to this house which will have a basement area which will be used as an office. This project is located in San Refael, Marin County

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