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From The Ground Up

We present this website to allow you to take a look inside our multi-faceted company. Started more than three decades ago by Charles "Chuck" Young, we were a small construction company focusing on foundation repairs and remodels. In 1990, after the passing of his father, Richard Young continued to operate the company based on his father's founding principles while expanding the company's core structure to include concrete pumping, drilling and all phases of concrete work from single family remodels to custom homes to large subdivisions, taking the company to many new levels.

"I am very proud to have you look at some of the accomplishments we have achieved. In this website you will find in-depth information about our company including foundations, remodeling and flatwork.

C.L.Y. Incorporated is always changing to accommodate the needs of our customers without letting go of the importance of maintaining integrity and preservation. We are a proud recipient of the Heritage Homes of Petaluma Award, which recognizes select members of our community who are dedicated to preserving Petaluma's rich architectural heritage.

I'd like to thank our employees, subcontractors and suppliers who have contributed to our success and help us continually evolve to be the best and provide a superior product to our clients."

Rick Young

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License #690380

Sonoma-Marin Construction
121 Lakeville Street
Petaluma, CA 94952