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Customer Testimonials


Rick....I personally want to thank you for your unfailing response to the needs of the project at 1756 Oak St. in Napa. What immediately caught my attention was your attention to your team.....I heard your "thank you" s for your workmen always.

I thank you for your ability to deal with the project.

- J. Macomber

WOW... The work is outstanding. Your thoughtful attention to detail is greatly appreciated. We are very pleased with the construction and the craftsmanship. Our neighbors are equally impressed and that means a lot to us as fixing the uneven sidewalk was important to ensure the safety of all the walkers and joggers and kids who ride bikes adn scooters endlessly around the block. Thank you for making this beautiful and artistic improvement to our property and the Oakhill Brewster neighbothood.

- N.S.

Thank you for going the extra miles to do what it takes to have both a great construction job and responsive customer care. Although, we did not discuss inclusion of some of the detailed expectation that the clients came to expect toward the completion of the project, I am thankful and happy you have included them considering their developing expectations. Thank you again and the project is looking great. I would think that they are very happy and would reflect on your work in the highest regard.

- E.T. Tischbern Design Studio

Sonoma Marin did a large parking deck project for us at Madera Valley. The job involved removal of a large failed parking deck, repairing and rebuilding the frame work and replacing the concrete. We were very pleased with the professionalism and quality of work performed by SM and the sub contractors.

- S. G. Property Manager of Madera Valley Apartments

It was a pleasure working with your company on every level. Everyone that we dealt with in the office was very helpful and returned our calls in a timely manner. Your field crew was also very efficient and did a great job. I would certainly refer anyone to your company.

- K.H. of Sebastopol

The crew, administration staff, and estimator - division leader all displayed professional, fair, and responsive results.

- H. of Sebastopol

You guys "ROCK"! (pun intended) We will definately recommend you to everyone. You have a great crew - a bunch of hard workers with great work ethics. Thanks for making this a great experience for us!

- L & A of Petaluma

You guys did a great job. I would certainly recommend you to my friends.

- R.U. of Petaluma

Thank you for your generous in-kind contributions toward this veterans monument becoming a reality for our community!

- Thanks Rick!


Letter of Recommendation
Larry Townsend