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Quality and workmanship is extremely important in any project, however this does not always seem to be the case when I see completed renovations, fixer-uppers or flip projects. Too many times profit overshadows the need to turnout a quality product and too many times the individuals completing these projects simply try to put a bandage over problems, or try to cover up what should really be fixed.

There are many projects we have completed and it is surprising to me how many people make comments about the level of detail that we have put into our projects, or are surprised to see how much work we put into our projects. The reason I'm surprised is because the level of pride and quality we put into our projects is considered to be the exception instead of the expected. This is really unfortunate because for us it's just the opposite.

This brings up the pig. You see to me a pig is a pig, no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig, it's still that dirty old pig. Granted there are a lot of pigs out there and I'm proud to say we have worked on many of those pigs. The difference with us is that there isn’t any lipstick in our tool boxes, instead there is pride, quality and plenty of experience in our tool box so when we are completed working on that pig, we end up with a great quality project that we can be proud of.

This gives me a great thought, perhaps we'll start placing signs on our projects "No Lipstick Allowed", just a thought!

Rick Young
Happy Building!

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