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 Hello Rick,

We haven't met, but as you may know, my brother Darren and I have been working with Larry for some time now, and we've developed a very strong relationship.  I wanted to pass on my thoughts to you about this working relationship, and how it affects our businesses.

We just finished pouring a small job in the Oakland hills yesterday, and I received an email from the customer last night that said, plainly, "Kevin, the concrete is perfect."  Our business lives on a word-of-mouth customer community, and there is no better feeling than to have something like that communicated.

There are many things I could say about the pleasure of working with your company, but the most important to me is my relationship with Larry and Antonio.  They are, in effect, a part of our team.  We have, since finding your company, worked exclusively with Larry on concrete projects.  We honestly tell our customers that we won't work with anyone else.  As you have daily interactions in the office with Larry, you must know his skill, knowledge, flexability, and management capabilities are fantastic.  Antonio is someone I see everyday on site (when we're working together) and I can't say enough how fortunate your company is to have someone like him.  His skills, attention to detail, management of the project and his crew, and finished product are amazing.  He is never late to a project, and always makes sure things are clean and orderly before leaving.  And our customer response to the work he does is always positive.  I am a strong advocate for his continued employment and potential advancement in your company so that I may continue to work with him for years to come!

I look forward to our next project together.  Thanks very much for your time,


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